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Omar Martinez

Long Beach native Omar Martinez is an illustrator, producer and graphic designer. His contemporary work incorporates his wild imagination creating stylized characters and music. The thread of clean, simple and yet detailed creations represent his unique style of learning from his influences over the past years.

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Los Angeles native Steve Martinez is a fine artist, muralist, photographer, and graphic designer. His contemporary work deals with the discourse between the symbolic and the realistic within daily urban life. The thread of Mayan symbols and hieroglyphs—both representative of Martinez’s history and culture—is inescapable in his work, always connecting the present to the past by uplifting, preserving, and honoring a significant layer of meaning and identity.




Long Beach native Ricardo Martinez, aka Zxmbiac is a graphic designer, photographer, and film maker. His contemporary work incorporates culture and style to whats relevant within daily urban life. The thread of typography, layout, photo manipulation, colors and shapes represent the style and ethics of past years learning from various influences to evolve into a well-edited assortment of combined design elements.